Term of Use

Terms of Use

This tends to be a terribly long and legal document. But really, does anyone read it? So I will keep it simple, since the website is very simple. It only exists to let you know that I exist and what I do as an author.

Terms of Use needs to cover a few areas:

  • acceptable use of the website
    Please read stuff I post on the website. Please sign up to the newsletter or click-through to follow me on Twitter.
  • prohibited use of the website
    Please do not steal my content. I worked hard on this. It’s protected automatically by copyright. 
    Please do not sign up people to the newsletter without their consent.
    Please do not send me rubbish via the Contact form.

  • registration, password and security
    None of that is relevant

  • linked websites
    I have linked to 3rd part website for image credits. I take no responsibility over what you will see if you follow that link. I do take responsibility for my Twitter posts
  • availability of the website
    It may sometimes be down, which could be due to me, or the hosting company, or the whole internet. I make no guarantees it will be up when you want to visit it. But I doubt this would upset anyone.

  • disclaimers and limitation of liability
    If you get crazy ideas and do bad things after reading my website, it’s totally on you.