By coming here you’ve shown you care about your privacy. Snap!  I care about your privacy too.

I also know how painful privacy statements can be, so I will keep it simple (and compliant).

  1. I am not collecting any cookies or information when you browse the site.
  2. If you give me your email address by signing up to the newsletter, as it is clear you are signing up to receive emails, I will deem this to be consent to send you the occasional email regarding any milestones as author. No other topics.
  3. You can email me at to ask to be removed from the email list any time.
  4. I will only keep you on the list for 2 years, after which time I will proactively ask you if you want to stay on.
  5. I will never share you email address with anyone. If I get so famous that I need assistance in managing the newsletter (ha!) this Privacy statement will be updated to reflect that, and you will be notified of the updated privacy statement by email
  6. Your email address is stored on the WordPress app that my website uses. This is hosted by 1&1, which I can confirm is based in the UK. The information is also held on my PC, which is encrypted and password protected, and is synced with Microsoft servers whom I trust to have their privacy and security sorted out.

Woo is “I” in all this? It’s not a company, it’s just me, Heleen Kist, 48 Glencairn Drive Glasgow G41 4PR